What is Email Marketing? How does it Work?

Why Email Marketing is Important for Business?

If an email sent to the current customer, potential customer, or group of customers is considered as email marketing.

Email marketing is used to connect with customers by engaging through product information, order confirmation, order tracking, offers and more details.

Companies are benefiting with email marketing campaigns by engaging with users. Email marketing cost is cheap when compared to other traditional channels.

Sending emails has more advantage by targeting specific users, we can track the user intent by tracking response to your emails.

E-mail Marketing is good to engage with customers by sending follow up emails for the informational and promotional purpose to increase business sales by acquiring a new customer to buy a product immediately.

Audience Permission for Email Marketing:

The most important factor in an email campaign is getting permission from the audience before emailing them and Don’t force the subscriber’s to your newsletter to become a member. Give the option to unsubscribe from the newsletter in one click. Include company details and contact information is necessary when campaigning.

In 2019 customer experience email marketing is important with valuable information 

E-mail is helpful for both transactional and promotional purpose according to the user interest.

Transactional emails:

Transaction mail is an agreement between the sender and the recipient on account creation, password reset, order confirmation, order tracking and social media.

Promotional emails:

A promotional email is for commercial purpose for promoting products, offers and discounts. The main target of the promotional email is forcing the customer to buy a product.

Email marketing is automated:

The whole email marketing is changed when comparing 1 decade ago. Email campaigns are automated. AI has automated all email marketing campaigns from planning to execution.

By using automation we can filter the users according to the interest and behaviour to get the best open rate and ROI.

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