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What Is Digital Marketing – Channels In Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is to elaborate into different types of digital or electronic devices such as PC, Mac, Tablet, Mobile and More. 

Companies use digital channels Such as E-mail, Search Engine, Social Media and more channels to connect with their current and existing customers. This can be also called as online marketing, internet marketing or web marketing.

In a simple way, we call any type of marketing that exists online is called digital marketing.

How Digital Marketing Works?

Digital marketing involves in a step by step process that helps to promote business online to reach your products and services to exact customers.

Digital marketing strategies work according to their business, product, industry, location and more.

The process of digital marketing involves through following steps:

1 Research, 2 Planning, 3 Audit, 4 Optimization and 5 Execution.

Difference Between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing?

comparison between digital marketing and traditional marketing

Comparing digital marketing and traditional marketing for business is to know which marketing is better at the lowest cost.

Digital Marketing:

We can communicate with customers in digital platforms through Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Customers can interact regularly in real-time. when compared the cost of digital marketing is low when compared to traditional.

We can measure customer needs and requirements by storing the data to target exact audiences. The main advantage of digital marketing is that we can choose our own market like locations, age, gender and more. And we can expand our business around the globe if our products and services have great demand.

Traditional Marketing:

We can communicate with customers through offline, but these are more cost-effective than digital channels. 

We mainly use traditional channels like television, radio, newspaper, billboards, and magazine ads, where we cannot interact with the customers directly.

We cannot understand the customer needs and their behaviour with traditional channels and cannot target the exact audience and cannot choose our own target market. These channels are limited and focused in a particular area.

So, after reading this article the founders, entrepreneurs and owners have to understand the advantages of digital marketing and the difference between digital and traditional marketing.

Doing digital marketing for the business gives a tremendous opportunity to beat your local competitors as well as national competitors. If you have trust and demand for your product and services.

Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Business Digital Likha

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Business?

@ Growth of Digital Marketing is Increasing Rapidly,

@ 24% entire spends in Digital Media by 2020,

@ Industry projected to Grow at 32%,

@ USD 411.9 Billion Market by 2020

Digital marketing is the only way to connect the exact audience according to location, gender and interest. The cost of digital marketing is affordable when compared to traditional marketing.

Efficient Reach:

Business can create a new market by using digital marketing to your business. Having a website has more advantage to become a global business by selling products and services.

Cost of Digital Marketing:

When compared to any other marketing the digital marketing cost is less. Print and boardings cost are more than digital marketing like display ads, social media, and SEO. Customer target reach is better than print and board ads.

We can Track Data:

We track the user behaviour if a customer uses your website and react to your promotion ads. This will help to track and measure customer behaviour through web analytics. With web analytics, we can identify the user data like location, phone and more. We can save the data for future promotions.

Personalization and Interaction:

If the user data is with you then you can target exact users through social media and interact to build a relationship with them. Nowadays interaction with the customer or client is more important for a long term professional relationship.


By having user data, We can get more sales by giving a little bit of offer. Offering a product or a service should be trustworthy and reliable to the user.

Business To Business Marketing:

Business 2 Business should focus on getting leads by using the best channels in digital marketing.

B2B is different from B2C. So, B2B has to go with professional channels like Linkedin, Twitter and Email

Business To Consumers Marketing:

Business 2 Consumers should focus on getting sales by using the best channels in digital marketing.

B2C is different than B2B. So, B2C should be focused on Engageble channels like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

Why is it Important for Career?

@ 20 Lakh Jobs in India by 2020,

@ Average Salaries of 3 Lakh for Freshers,

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Important Digital Marketing Channels For Business Digitallikha (2)

If you want to know more about Digital Marketing and their Channels, Go A Head

Here you will know about how digital marketing channels will work and why they are important and difference between them and types of channels.

Channels In Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is connected with different types of channels but to achieve company goals they have to select the best channel which is suitable and related to user interest and behaviour on a product or service to generate more revenue to the business. These are the main digital marketing channels

Table of Content

Search Engine Marketing:

what is search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing is used to increase website traffic and sales through dominating SERP Position rankings in search networks by promoting the website particularly by paying money to search networks. 

SEM will provide instant results by customizing search network dashboards like keywords, bidding, location, gender and more.

It is mainly used for display ads, pay per click, search ads, image ads, product catalogue ads, Maps, Ads in third party websites, and more.

SEM is used mainly to get immediate action from the customer. But according to research customers are interested and trusting organic search than paid

Search Engine Optimization:

what is search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization is to increase website organic traffic and sales through dominating SERP position rankings in search networks organically by optimizing the website like content, code, images, keywords and more.

The process of SEO  takes a minimum of 3 months to 1 year + to rank in search, according to competition, authority and optimization. The search platforms work according to their needs and requirements to place ads in search. So, search rankings will fluctuate with unexpected algorithm updates.

Local SEO:

Local SEO is more important for local businesses to engage with local customers by dominating SERP positions. 

By optimizing their business profile in different listings and by doing website SEO, SERP Positions can be dominated. Clients have to understand that SEO is a long term Goal and Investment.

Social Media Optimization:

Social Media Optimization is to provide a piece of valuable information like upcoming products, events, offers and more for the customers by engaging with them through organically.

we can dominate the competitors in social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin by updating and engaging with customers.

Social media optimization works organically by providing viral content like laughable videos, images and quick informational content is work best way to get good organic reach. 

Social Media Marketing:

what is social media marketing

Social Media Marketing is to provide a piece of valuable information like upcoming products, events, offers and more for the customers through Paid Advertising to get instant action.

Paid advertising on social media as more opportunity by targeting the exact audience like Gender, Location, Behaviour, Demographic and more in the same industry.

Social media marketing is better than SMO and SEM but it will work according to the industry and location. Simply social media marketing is paid to advertise, By using social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and More

Content Marketing:

what is content marketing

Content Marketing is a way to impress and attract the audience for business by creating, publishing and distributing valuable content.

The procedure of content marketing should be focused on giving real, valuable information to the users.

It will work when providing valuable content to the user by giving exact or related content to your industry.

Email Marketing:

what is email marketing

Email Marketing is to act as sending messages to potential customers or group of customers for various purposes like – Invoice of the Product or a Service, Promotions, Informational, Communication and to engage with customers.

Email Marketing  is good to engage with customers by sending follow up emails for informational and promotional purposes to increase business sales by acquiring a new customer to buy a product immediately.

Types of Email Marketing:

Transactional Email Marketing:

Transactional E-mails is used to communicate with the customers to confirm the transactions and invoices and other messages like Password reset, Order confirmation and to track Order as well

Promotional Email Marketing:

Promotional Emails are used to promote a product or a service to existing customers and new customers to take immediate action.

Pay Per Click:

Pay Per Click is also known as Cost Per Click, It will work based on clicks to a website, Phone and Message. 

When the user is clicked on Ad platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing and more, It is considered as cost per click or pay per click.


NeuroMarketing is all about catching the customer pulse by doing surveys, polls, quizzes with the help of digital channels like SEM, Social Media, Blog, Affiliate and some other.

It will work for those who started a new business and existing business as well. NeuroMarketing helpful to every industry but the process and execution are different according to the industry.

Inbound Marketing:

Inbound Marketing aim is to generate revenue for the company by selling products or services through available online channels

The inbound methodology is mixed with all different channels like Content marketing, SEO, SEM, SMO, Blogging, SMM, email and more. Whatever it is the main goal of inbound marketing is to provide quality content to the customer.

Inbound is a long term investment. Inbound marketing is not about the tactics, It is about providing value and trust by engaging with the customer.

Funnel Building:

what is funnel marketing

Funnel Marketing is the only way when launching new businesses,  products, services and Upcoming events. The funnel works in the stages procedure, Customer awareness stage to purchase stage.

Funnel is used in different stages by the companies and marketers according to their strategies and implementation. But the whole process about Awareness, Mature, Action.

The stagewise procedure is implemented in different ways and methods according to the product or service.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

Conversion Rate Optimization is to increase the visitors into customers by analyzing and tracking the data through Google Analytics and other search analytics by analyzing data like gender, location, behaviour, heat map and more.

The process of CRO is based on catching user intent and behaviour in a landing page or on a website by using advanced metrics and calculations. Mostly used for sales

NeuroMarketing and CRO are somewhat equal, Both jobs are to know user intent, interest and behaviour. But there will be little difference in Strategy, implementing, options and execution.

Marketing Automation:

The overall marketing has a vast change in the last 3 years by using automation tools or software. The marketing is automated maximum number of channels and networks to easy the process of approaching with the customer and as well as for business purpose.

Automation is used mainly to engage with customers to build a relationship with the customer on things like Sales, Information, Leads and other Important things.

Automation is time and money-saving but there will be a difference when humans interacting with other humans.

In Automation, we cannot connect emotionally with the customer to know their issues, behaviour and other things.

Chatbot Marketing:

Bots are built with AI nothing but a computer programming to automate the chatting procedure to interact with the customers.

Advanced bots will automate the whole procedure by interacting with the customer and taking action on a product. Front end customization is important when building a bot.

Bots are used for sales, information, funnel, and more. Bots are mainly used on facebook messenger, websites, 3rd party apps and more.

E-commerce Marketing:

It is to generate product sales by promoting through various channels through strategies and tactics.

E-commerce is a big industry. So, The marketing process starts with experiments, knowing customer interest in the products. There will be a difference by location, culture and tradition.

It will work by using user data and knowing user interest. The execution is different for different industries according to the location, gender, interests, and behaviour of the user on the product.


what is blogging

A blog is to give a piece of information to the user according to their needs and requirements on technology, gadgets, lifestyle, news and personal life as well. Types of blogs are a Business blog, Personal blog, Money Making blog and more.
In simple, a blog is to provide valuable information to users. According to recent research having a blog to business is a major plus point to the business growth by making traffic into sales. But it is based on strategies implementation and according to industry.

Affiliate Marketing:

It is based on a commission on Views, Traffic, Purchase, Action and more. Referring one website to another website with the URL link. To increase affiliate marketing revenue or to success in affiliate marketing, first of all, you have to give valuable and informative content to the user which is real and trustworthy.

Affiliate will work in all types of channels by inserting a URL link but it is based on the preference of the website owner.

Affiliate commission rate is from 1% to 50% based on product and company. Partner website has its own terms and conditions to avoid spam and other related things.

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